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DocuStor offers our clients the most advanced concept in off-site record storage available in the market place today. DocuStor will pick up records to be stored in our facility via one of our own licensed and insured vehicles. The off-site storage process is begun by inventorying all records that we receive from our clients. Once a box enters our facility the content of that box along with its assigned position within our facility is entered into our database management system.

At DocuStor we take a complete different approach to getting requested information to our clients. Opposed to the traditional way of requesting a file and a file runner bringing you that file, we believe that for security and compliance purposes a file should never leave our facility.

Competitive Advantages

Docustor offers the following benefits for the clients

Great cost savings

Cutting cost for offsite storage and services, doc scanning and data output services.

Top-class quality

To ensure bright quality of all the services offered, Docustor implies quality management for each service development stage, including requirements management, development processes, product functionality and usability, delivery, and technical support.

Complete suite of services

We undertake every aspect of your project: requirements management, product design and architecture, programming and development, quality assurance, documentation preparation, technical support, and maintenance.


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