Who We Are

DocuStor is a leading provider of complete document management and storage solutions, providing turnkey solutions from inception to destruction.

Some of the most sought after solutions and services we provide, but are not limited to:
Hard Copy Filing Solutions, Off-Site Document Storage Services, Conversion Services (Converting Paper or any kind of Microfilm media to Digital Images), Document and Data Hosting Solutions. Content Management Solutions.

Docustor Storage

Off-Site Record Storage & Services

DocuStor offers our clients the most advanced concept in off-site record storage available in the market place today. DocuStor will pick up records to be stored in our facility via one of our own licensed and insured vehicles. The off-site storage process is begun by inventorying all records that we receive from our clients. Once a box enters our facility the content of that box along with its assigned position within our facility is entered into our database management system.

At DocuStor we take a complete different approach to getting requested information to our clients. Opposed to the traditional way of requesting a file and a file runner bringing you that file, we believe that for security and compliance purposes a file should never leave our facility.

By being a technology driven company and utilizing the technology that we currently have in place, when our clients make a request for a file it is immediately pulled and scanned onto our Cloud Server.

Our clients are provided with a secure log-in to our Cloud Server and a copy of the requested information can then be viewed or printed out. This can be done in a matter of minutes verse having to wait hours or days to get a file.

With over thirty years in the Document Management Field DocuStor was founded in 2007 as a turnkey Document Management Company and is currently providing a multitude of professional Document Management Services to our clients. Since then we have grown into a leading Document Management Company providing the highest quality of Professional Off-Site Document Storage and Services, Professional Document and Data Conversion Services, ASP Hosting Services, In-House Content Management Solutions, Hard Copy Filing Solutions, Mobile and Static Shelving Solutions, Remittance Processing and Check Scanning Solutions. To date DocuStor has implemented hundreds of Document Management Solutions to a wide verity of businesses that include but are not limited to Education, Government, Medical, Manufacturing and Utilities.

Docustor has as a complete staff of professional sales and support personnel to provide our clients with the best document and data management solutions available to fit their individual needs.