- Off-Site Document Storage and Services

DocuStor currently offers its clients with the most advanced concept in off-site document storage available in the market place today.

- ASP Services

DocuStor utilizes our Aquarius ASP Hosting Solution. The Aquarius ASP Server is located in a HIPAA Compliant Certified Facility.

- Check Scanning Solution

DocuStor’s IA Check Product Family is an easy-to-use, scalable desktop or client/server check scanning imaging solution, providing streamlined services for processing, archiving and retrieving financial documents.

- In-House Content Management Solution

DocuStor utilizes our Aquarius DMS (Document Management Software) for our in-house solutions and services. Amazing Software!

- Professional Conversion (Scanning) Services

DocuStor handles all aspects of conversion services, including: picking up documents, books, paper files, etc.; document preparation, including necessary bindery and staple/paper clip removal, unfolding of pages and removal of sticky notes covering documentation; document scanning and indexing onto CDROM, DVD, Aquarius ASP / DMS or virtually any available other media.

- Hard Copy Filing Solutions

DocuStor is currently partnered with a multitude of manufacturers to provide our clients with the most up to date hard copy filing solutions available in the market place today

- Remittance Processing

DocuStor’s IA Remittance was designed specifically to meet remittance (stub) and check processing standards.